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Nutrasweet®/Aspartame report
After drinking too much diet soda and feeling strange, one writer delves into the latest research on aspartame's safety

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scan of brain with Alzheimer's remember this
Supplements that can help you think better and prevent Alzheimer's disease
Get the sweet life! sweet secret
Wishing for a sweetener that is all natural and safe, easy to get, inexpensive, and has zero calories?

shopping for multivitamins?
read about our comprehensive multivitamin analysis.

We looked at every multivitamin product we could find (45 total) and compiled the quantities of 167 possible ingredients contained in each product. We did not use the "comprehensive" term lightly!

We then put all the data for each product on a spreadsheet and totaled the scores. See which won...

Many multivitamins. Which one is right for you?
click here for the comprehensive multivitamin analysis click here for the comprehensive multivitamin analysis

Two more happy ChampHealth readers

eat carefully and get all the nutrients you need...right?
Not a chance. Read why.

are you eating too much iron?
Unless you are a woman in childbearing years, it is dangerous.

hypoglycemic? diabetic? want to monitor your blood glucose level?
Two companies are giving away free glucose meters and supplies..if you qualify

hear no evil
Prevent permanent hearing damage due to loud sounds

water, water everywhere but you are tired of drinking it
Get your daily recommended intake of water with non-caloric, safe, and tasty alternatives

calling all carb lovers
It is now OK to indulge in carbs with our "right carbs" list

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